unvented heating

When it comes to heating, there are two main types, gas and electric, electric heating systems are usually easier to install then gas systems but on the downside electric heating can be more expensive to run then gas as it costs more per unit then gas 



Unvented cylinders can either work with a boiler (gas) heating the water in the cylinder or an immersion (electric) heater which heats the cylinder 


Why Choose an unvented cylinder 


Unvented cylinders have the ability to send hot water to multiple outlets without loss of pressure or flow, so in a house with high demand for hot water or multiple bathrooms, unvented cylinders would be the best option, 


although the hot water is not instant like a combination boiler, fitting the cylinder with a good timer means you can set up the water to be heated in line with your living requirements meaning you will never be without hot water 


Add in the fact that if you choose the boiler option, if your boiler was to ever breakdown you have a back up electric heater meaning you can still get hot water, 


lastly the unvented cylinder also works of mains pressure meaning your not counting on head of pressure on a gravity system and no longer need a tank in the loft meaning you save a lot of space