Smart heating

Intelligent heating systems save you both time and money by controlling your heating as and when you need it.

Most systems can be worked remotely and some even learn your behaviour, turning your heating off when the last person leave your home and back on again when the first person gets back.

At M&P we offer a range of solutions and are trained in the installation and maintenance of these technologically advanced solutions.

Sick of walking into a freezing cold home when coming home from work, or waking up to a freezing home and not wanting to get out of your warm bed, sick of leaving your heating on constantly to prevent the house getting cold, this is were smart heating is essential to preventing all of the above plus much more


Smart themostats can do a number of things, weather its using internet to check the outside temperature, allowing you to control the heating remotely from your phone, learn your living habbits and work out when to turn the heating on and off to suit your needs


If utilised smart thermostats will also save you money as you wont be heating water unesscersaily or heating an empty home


The initial cost of having smarts thermostats installed can be a bit higher then your average thermostat but if all the features are used correctly it will end up paying for inself


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  1. Nest 3RD Generation

  2. Hive

  3. Tado V3

  4. Honeywell T6