Boiler servicing should be carried out every 12 months, firstly for safety and the well being of occupants, and secondly to ensure that you get the maximum amount of value for the money you spend on gas. A badly serviced or maintained boiler can lose 50 pence or more on wastage for every £1 you spend. A correct servicing and maintenance program will ensure you run the appliance safely and cost efficiently.




We go above and beyond the standards requirements for a boiler service, not only are you getting value for money but your getting added extras for free these include:


  • Visual inspection carried out to check boiler complies with regulations

  • Gas tightness is carried out to make sure there’s no leaks in the system

  • Gas rate, Standing and working pressure are checked to insure boiler is burning correctly

  • Gas inlet pressure is checked at the boiler to insure there is no loss in gas

  • Boiler case is removed and cleaned inside and visual check on components

  • Flue Gas analysis is carried out to insure boiler is combusting correctly

  • Radiators are checked for air and bled if needed

  • Radiators are checked using a laser thermometer to insure the heat output is correct

  • Radiators are also checked using thermal imagine camera

  • System pressure is topped up (if needed)

  • Water flow rate is checked

  • Customer is issued with a boiler service checklist report

Boiler Repair


Whether it’s having to have a cold shower, or sitting in your living room with loads of blankets, having a faulty boiler can cause major disruptions. That’s why getting your boiler repaired is a must.


We continually attend training courses to keep up to date with the modern and older boilers to make sure we have the knowledge and the skills to get your boiler up and running within the first visit


If this is not possible because a part is needed for example, these can be ordered next day to prevent any more delays, we also have a fair payment structure and only charge an hourly rate for diagnosis, once this has been done, we can provide you with a fixed price for the additional work is requested