PowerFlushing is essentially a cost-effective and efficient way of cleaning your central heating system. It is now established by all manufacturers as the most effective way of ensuring a trouble-free installation.

A Powerflush machine has it’s own built-in pump so when this is connected to your heating system, in place of the existing central heating pump, a cleaning solution is pumped throughout the entire system. Each radiator can be isolated ensuring that all internal pipe work is cleaned, eliminating the risk of sludge, iron oxide or magnetite damaging your new boiler and controls.


There is no need to remove any radiators during a powerflush, and in most cases the machines sites outside the property so disruption is minimal



  • Having a Powerflush carried out can drastically improve the efficeny of your heating system, meaning you spend less on gas as the boiler is not working as hard to heat your system and you also will get a boiler free from constant breakdowns which are usually the cause of an unclean system, however it is imperative that you have the following done to maximise the improvement


Magnetic filter – sludge also known as magnetite happens as soon as water is filled in your central heating system, this is usually caused by a mixer of air and water corroding the metal in your heating system, the particles then flow through your system and boiler effecting the mechanical components, by having a magnetic filter fitted, it will prevent these particles getting into your boiler


Automatic Bypass – Arguably probably one of the most ignored components when it comes to boilers but it plays a vital role in insuring you have a breakdown, sludge free system, and automatic bypass allows a constant flow of water through your boiler when the radiators valve are closed, even if they always remain open, when the boiler is turned off there is still a large amount of latent heat, what the bypass does it allows that heat to travel through the boiler which also prevents the pump running dry and drawing air into the system which creates sludge, it is recommended to also have this fitted


Lime scale reducer – Most people in London live hard water areas, because of this there is usually a large build up of limescale which can stick to certain mechanical components in your boiler effecting its efficacy